Monday, 6 June 2011

Is anybody out there....? It feels very strange not having anymore things to do, however I got my daily dose of Jamie in the cafe today, which was nice!

You know when you work your nuts off, but your boss always seems to catch you taking a minute breather, that what these past months have felt like..... Jamie must think I spend my life in the cafe because he always seems to catch me up there, and to be fair I don't even go there that often...

Further more it's odd that I haven't spoken to my other mentor, Neil, in a while... usually four phone calls and countless emails have past by now.... Oh well I think I might just ring him for the fun of it, fire some AutoCAD questions his way, he will love it as it makes him feel important!

However on a serious note, I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last year and congratulate everybody on completing some fantastic work, the standard has improved greatly since our niave state in September.

Also I would like to thank our tutors, I think I speak for everyone when I say I don't think any of us would be where we are now without their teaching and input, so thank you Jamie, Julia and Paula

Ok I will stop rambling now, and this is by far the most I have ever 'blogged' in my life, so I will leave you all with a photo of my final exhibition that could have been Alot stronger. But can't complain as it's a huge lesson learned.

Thanks again all and stay safe and well!

Peace out